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Starting in 2005 TOWN NAIL & SKIN SALON has been significant in providing affordably priced nail care services in the city. Even in the wake of price increase in general in the city, we have stuck on to our system so as to keep our old charm alive. With over three salons in Boston alone (336 Newbury, 274 Newbury, 99 Chales), TOWN NAIL & SKIN SALON provides high-quality services that will meet all your nail care needs. Our salon promotes a Green & Clean policy and all our practises are environment friendly

We are committed to bringing you the latest advances in beauty care and only use the most trusted brands in the beauty industry. We are the only one salon who use Nu Skin products in the area. Our world-class products, services, and top technologies will help you feel great and look your best!


These are our certifications that have been achieved over the years